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NEW EBAY AUCTIONS THIS WEEK ~ The items shown below are up for auction from Mom23TXgirls this week.  These lovely altered box sets include one each of the following ~ DAISY, BROWNIE, AND OLDER GIRL SCOUTS.  Each altered box will include the unique hanging photo album in matching papers and colors.  These items will make a *wonderful* gift for your hardworking and fearless troop leader or maybe get it for the leader's daughter who has it tough sometimes with Mom in charge.  Any girl scout in your life would enjoy such a personalize and unique gift.  

The box can be used to hold S.W.A.P.S. or patches & pins, notes from penpals, awards and other such keepsakes.
The display album can be hung in the girl's room to display her many pictures of friends, fun, and Girl Scout adventures.  I hope you will check them out before they are all gone!  Just click on the pictures below to get a closer view of each item!

 KINDERGARTEN ~ the Daisies are a wonderful age full of energy and barely able to sit still!  These pretty blues match their blue uniform smocks.  Use this box to hold their 'petals' in as they earn them and before you get around to ironing them on LOL!  This is a paper mache box, completely covered and sealed on the outside and inner box with K & Company girl scout papers.  There is plenty of lovely matching 'daisy' themed ribbons.  A beautiful white peek-a-boo tear bear sits on one side of the box.  Inside is a lovely hanging photo display album that says DAISIES and each panel has a saying that starts with each letter of D-A-I-S-I-E-S.  For example:  D= Do a good deed daily!

BROWNIE GIRL SCOUTS ~ AGES 6-8 ~ Possibly the *most* fun age of girl scouts ever(of course 3 years with this age group might have made me biased!)  Who can resist the snaggle-toothed little brownie with her pigtails and girl scout cookie order form?  This wonderful little  altered wooden box has pretty browns and pinks and is made with the K & Company Girl Scout papers. There are lots of embellishments and even a beautiful lacy tear bear holding onto the machine stitched sign printed with the GIRL SCOUT PROMISE!  Turn it to the back to see 'Brownie Girl Scouts' and an area for adding a name or troop number should you choose to do so. Inside you will find a 12 panel photo album (because there are lots of Brownie pictures let me tell you!) to hang and display on her wall! 


JUNIOR GIRL SCOUTS AND OLDER ~ AGES 8 AND UP.  This altered wooden jewelry box is designed with the older girl scout in mind....because there comes a day when girl scouting is still fun but not *cool* (gasp!) YES I know, that day is coming for my own junior girl scout!  So why not have a beautifully shabby chic box that says MEMORIES on the outside to conceal all that Girl Scout fun on the inside!  Open it up, and on the upper lid is an area to personalize ~ just tell me your troop number and I'll add that to the box if you win.  The hanging album is made from some wonderful girl scout green and pink colors and has 6 panels to display photos, journaling and more!

Like the altered boxes but want something not so 'girly'???? Check out www.kritterkreations.com  and click on the  altered boxes &photo albums tab at the top and you can custom order a box, an album or a set! YOU choose the theme. YOU choose the colors. YOU choose the sizes ~ I do the WORK!  You will get a completely unique item that will hold your precious memories for generations to come! 

Have ever looked for just that 'perfect' scrapbook item for that extra special project? If you have something in mind that you just can't find elsewhere, have a look around in the

So if there's an idea you have that you would like to see, just email me!  There's no risk to see a brand new custom design from KritterKreations ~ if you don't like it, you don't buy it!  And if you order one of my many listed designs in your own colors, poses, sizes and personalizations ~ I will send a picture of the completed item before shipping it so that you know what to expect when you open your package.
Here we are in August already!  Can you believe it?  Lately, I've been watching all these wonderful artists making their altered tins and filling them with beautiful cards/photo mats and wishing I could make something as beautiful as that.  Personally, I have found that tin or metal is particularly difficult for me to work with and achieve the results I want... so I have been hesitant to try it again.  *AND* I often wondered what exactly does the buyer end up using all those cards for that are inside their beautiful altered tin?  They are so pretty that it seems a shame to leave them packed away out of sight.  

With all this in mind, I set off on the task of putting my own twist on the altered tin idea.  While walking through the craft store, I had came across these lovely unfinished wooden jewelry boxes of various sizes and shapes.  My imagination just *exploded* with ideas of how they could be used.   This month, I will be featuring my new ideas both in auctions and in the website and I hope you will find time to stop in and check them out at :

I chose to make my first altered boxes using beautiful new K&Company GIRL SCOUT papers and embellishments.  I created one box for a Daisy Girl Scout, one for a Brownie Girl Scout and one for a Junior or higher level Girl Scout.  Each one was created with a little girl in mind ~ it helps that I am a Girl Scout troop leader for each of these age groups.  My goal was to create a special keepsake box that can be used to store not only photos, but do-dads, pins, patches and SWAPS and any other cherished keepsake from the girl scouting year.  I also thought about my own daughters, and how they love to take pictures of themselves with their best friends and hang them all over the wall and mirrors of their bedrooms.  So the idea of a matching hanging display album was born.  

I have many more boxes and many more ideas to come ~ and I love to hear custom requests from YOU so I have included a special new section in the KritterKreations webstore just for the
altered boxes and hanging photo displays.  I will take requests to make YOUR special album using names/words/colors that you choose.  Have a look at the new "NAME" albums displayed there!

I included instructions below for *How to Make* this unique display album so feel free to give one a try!  Don't forget to check my ebay 
For a more detailed set of instructions ~ including full color step by step photos ~ click on
The items shown in this project plus several others are available this week in my ebay
AUCTIONS. This item is also available custom-made to your theme and colors at www.kritterkreations.com too ~ you will find alot of fall and holiday type items listed in addition to the new altered items.  I like to list both BIN and auction style listings and there are some great deals to be had in both!  Feel free to request an auction if you like ~ anything in my webstore can be listed for auction for you. 

One last note, my design group Scrapbooking Friends Creations
(SBFC) is starting some really fun listing days such as FREE-SHIP FRIDAY and TWO FER TUESDAYS.  So keep your eyes open for those special deals throughout August!



by: Tonya Freeland

This project is designed to make a very unique display item to hang photos that also folds away into a beautiful one-of-a-kind photo album. The examples shown  are all Girl Scout themed display albums and were made with young girls in mind....but you may tailor your project to suit your own ideas and materials on hand.

You will need:
12 ~ 3"x5" decorated photo mats
1-2 yards of wide decorative ribbon
self adhesive velcro
glue or adhesive
large prima flower & button(or embellishments of your choice to finish the project off)
needle & thread

To see color photos with this description click here .

1. Lay the decorated photo mats out onto a flat surface in the arrangement which they will hang on the wall.

2. Cut the decorative ribbon 6 inches longer than the length of the project as it will be finished.  This will be used to fold over the top and secure the album in its 'folded' position.
3. Start at the BOTTOM of the display and glue the photo mats to the ribbon. *You will need to space them carefully* If you have thick embellishments on the photo
mats, then you will need to arrange each photo mat correctly by folding the project up as you go.  If you do not space them carefully and check as you go along, you will not be able to properly close the hanging display album into a folded album. 

4. Once the album is bound together with the decorative ribbon, you will have several extra inches of ribbon at the TOP of the project to put the velcro closure on. The placement of the velcro will depend on the thickness of the finished album and each album will be different.  Careful spacing and planning will insure that your album closes properly and that the final flower or chosen embellishment will fall on the center of the closed album.  A second piece of velcro place correctly will allow the ribbon to fold over and make a hanging loop with the flower (or chosen embellishment) sitting at the top of this hanging loop.  

You will need 3 pieces of velcro ~ 2 'fuzzy' and one 'tooth' piece.  The tooth piece will be the end piece that once sewn to the ribbon will be covered by the flower(or chosen embellishment) that closes on top of the album.  The other 2 fuzzy pieces will be positioned so that the ribbon will be folded over and sit neatly at the top of the hanging display or fold over and secure the album in its closed position. The flower (or chosen embellishment) will hide your stitches holding the tooth velcro in place.

5. Once the velcro is in place, it is a good idea to hand stitch it to reinforce the glue and hold it in place when it is being opened.  You will also stitch the flower in place as you stitch the velcro to the ribbon.  Use a pretty button to cover the stitching on the flower completely. 

Now you have created a beautiful, custom keepsake! This album is ready to hang and display or fold up and and tuck away securely in a pretty matching box!
 I hope you enjoy this project and please feel free to email me with any questions, comments or suggestions for future projects.


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